Riding the Road to Sight: Bold Beginnings

Yes hello there! Welcome to the Arclight India Project. It is a special feeling of excitement to launch the website publicly after months of preparation. From its beginnings in August, I have been making the necessary connections in India to make this project possible. There have been times to delicately navigate and slink around awkward obstacles, and times to be bold and brave in its development. I haven’t left Scotland and already its been a crazy journey, with myriad learning opportunities of various forms.

But we won’t reminisce or dwell on memories from the road already travelled. Instead, we will focus on the clear vista of the path ahead. The horizon emerging doesn’t look like the rolling hills that surround the picturesque town from which I write, beautiful but sodden with Storm Dennis’ menacing rain. I will be travelling far out of the bounds of my sphere of familiarity, and so the horizon, in truth, is formless. But the unknown beckons and glows invitingly. With a clear mission and an important cause giving wind to the sails (or fuel to the engine) and with sufficient support, I am confident that this expedition will be able to positively contribute to the eye-care climate of India. Its an easy purpose to be impassioned by and I feel blessed to have this opportunity to make this compelling device accessible to areas of greatest need.

So where am I now? The library, North street, St Andrews, Scotland. Quite some way away from my starting point of Chennai, India. This garishly lit temple of stress has actually become rather fond to me over the years. Going forwards, I will be trying to focus on finishing degree by writing my dissertation whilst developing this project and continuing with fundraising.  I will keep you in the loop with how things are going and introduce you to some wicked cool people that I have had the pleasure of engaging with in the development of this project. I hope that you enjoy the content and if you don’t just yet, I’m sure it will be more interesting once I make to India. 

Big thanks to everyone that has been involved with Arclight India so far – Ma, Noushie, Merly, Theo, Mo and Jake … Big UP! you’re all fantastic. 

You’ll hear from me some time soon. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, thoughts or feelings. Until then, take it easy and stay warm.

Big hug,


Riding the Road to Sight: Bold Beginnings

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